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Fresh air, iced coffee, puzzles, and your dog.

Just a few of my favourite things; And add to that list hiking, live comedy, and true-crime podcasts. I am a born and raised Winnipeg girl, and in July of 2020 I married my husband Braden, a BC boy who somehow wound up in the prairies. We live in Winnipeg with our floofy little cat Anemone (mostly we call her little bean), and our go-to date is beers and crib at a brewery.

I grew up as a theatre kid, then made a switch in university to get my degree in Film, and have been working in video for the past 9 years. In 2020 I shot my first wedding film and absolutely FELL IN LOVE. It is such an intimate and special thing to be invited into a wedding day. Telling your story is an honour that I do not take lightly, and I pour my heart into every film I make. 

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Reality TV
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Game Nights
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Beach Days

Patio Beers
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Natural, authentic, documentary-style wedding films

My hope is that when you watch your film you don't just see your day, you feel it. This means capturing the moments that come naturally to you; Like the way you light up with joy when you see each other or how you get down on the dance floor together. It means getting to know your story, to make sure I honour and tell it well. Every couple and every wedding is different and my goal is to reflect that in each film I create!